Print giveaway!



I’ve added some brand new giclee prints to my etsy store šŸ˜€ and whats more, the first three people from now that order anything from my shop get a free 5″ by 7″ print of their choice, take advantage!Ā


New paints


I ordered up a whole ton of new acrylic painting goodies which arrived the other day through the post, and here is my first practice painting trying it all out šŸ™‚ (the Moogle was not part of the order, he’s just there for cuteness :P)


Three Moons



“Three Moons” finished acrylic painting on canvas, 8″ by 10″.

I based this character on a friend, who has the most beautiful ginger hair ever, major envy! In my painting she has magic powers, here she is casting a powerful summon spell! I’ve always loved magic, it’s always the class I go for in video games, i’m kind of surprised I don’t use it in more of my art work!

I’ve called this piece finished, but I’d ideally still fix up the hair a bit, I think parts of it look a bit too solid at the moment.

Where it all begins!


Adventure Time fanart WIP


This is how all of my paintings start out these days, as a tonal underpainting. I don’t like to post this stage online because as you see it’s not much to look at, but this stage is SO crucial. I don’t like to spend too much time getting the underpainting looking great because I’m not sure how much that would benefit the final painting (though it is something I will try eventually) I use this stage to map out the tonal areas. I start with the darkest tones first and make my way to the lightest.

In doing an underpainting you’ll ensure your painting has enough contrast (contrast is a big part of what makes images visually interesting) and will ensure that the viewers eyes are drawn to what you want the point of focus to be – I wanted Princess Bubblegum to be the point of focus which is already set out by the composition, however making her tonally contrasting further enforces her importance in the painting.

There was a time when I used to go straight from sketch to full colour paint believing an underpainting stage to be a waste of time, but there would always be errors along the way which I would have to take the time to fix, overall doing an underpainting saves stress and time! It helps you to make the transition from sketch to painting, and it’s so easy to make adjustments to the composition at this stage, for instance I noticed Bubblegums legs were too long here, it only took a couple of minutes to fix, that process becomes a lot more painstaking when you’ve spent the time carefully getting the colours right.

Underpaintings for the win! šŸ™‚

“Before My End” acrylic painting (nearly finished!)



I said 2017 is going to be the year of paintings, so here to kick it all off, this piece is called “Before My End” acrylic painting on canvas panel.

It’s only nearly finished because I’ve still got a few bits to do such as the ear and I’m not happy with the background, however my lack of experience with painted backgrounds has left me feeling unsure as to how to fix it. So I’m going to come back to properly finish this piece when I feel better equipped to!

Backgrounds aside, I’m happy with my progress with painting in acrylics, I’m definitely finding painting skin more manageable now, it was the hair that I really struggled with on this piece! But I finally got it to a stage that I was happy enough with.

Pencil drawings collection

So I’ve gotton quite behind with updating my blog from the end of last year for some bizarre reason. I blame christmas and it’s many distractions! Anyway here are all the pencil drawings that I haven’t uploaded yet, I’m in the thick of creating some new paintings so I decided it would be a good time to get things up to date here ready for my new creations of 2017.




Happy New Year!


So I’m a few days late, but it wouldn’t be right if I wasn’t running slightly behind. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! It’s really weird adjusting back to normality.

With a new year must come a new art action plan. Last year I wanted to focus on portrait work, which I did pretty successfully, this year will be a continuation of portrait focused work. one thing I definitely want to spend more time on is painting. I tend to put off painting pieces too much because I’m not as skilled with a paintbrush as a pencil, and so the work takes longer, often having to correct mistakes along the way which I find really frustrating! but i know well the only way to improve is to put the time in and persevere.

My goal this year is to move from painting to painting, that way I should make good progress, compared to last year where I only completed four portrait paintings. FOUR. What happened there? I need to at least triple that this year, I’d like to take a few commissions along the way too, so fingers crossed.

So there we have it, 2017 I am ready for you. Good luck to everyone else for your new year plans too!